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Belgian Assistance Dog Federation

The BADF (Belgian Assistance Dog Federation) groups together the Belgian assistance dog schools and represents their interests. Our members are always accredited by at least one of the two international organizations (ADI and/or IGDF). BADF members provide their trained assistance dogs free of charge.


An assistance dog is specifically trained to enhance a disabled person’s autonomy and independence. It should therefore be allowed access everywhere, so that it can accompany its handler wherever he or she wishes to go. The dog’s harness/cape and badge prove that its disabled handler is accompanied by a certified assistance dog. Consequently the team should be allowed into public areas such as stores, restaurants, public buildings,...

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Quality labels

All BADF members joined an international organization (ADEu/ADI or IGDF) and meet or intend to meet the accreditation standards set by these. Furthermore, members of BADF donate their assistance dogs to their disabled clients.

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This website intends to inform you of BADF’s member organisations, the different types of assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, hearing dogs, seizure dogs...).

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