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Our Engagement

1. Enhance and increase the autonomy and independence of (visually, auditory, physically,…) impaired persons and/or those suffering from diabetes, epilepsy or other types of medical conditions; in accordance with the UN Convention of December 13, 2006 (ratified by Belgium on Augustus 1, 2009) on the rights of persons with disabilities. All BADF members joined an international organization (ADEu/ADI or IGDF) and meet or intend to meet the accreditation standards set by these. Furthermore, members of BADF donate their assistance dogs to their disabled clients. 

2. Advocate the interests of assistance dog handlers. 

3. Represent the sector in negotiations with regional and national authorities, expressing a position in support of the sector and assistance dog handlers. (Important when drafting or amending laws and decrees). 

4. Ascertain that assistance dogs meet the accreditation standards of ADI/IGDF.

5. Educate the general public, conduct information and awareness campaigns in concert with the sectors concerned (e.g. hotel and catering industry) and the competent authorities.